TV As A Medium

Many people believe that it is simply the content of television that is the problem. That is a false assumption. Every technology carries its own ideology. TV is no different. TV as a medium is the problem. Here are several articles that explain why this is so.


  • Television News
    Television news programs are just about the worst way to get news. Follow these basic guidelines to get a better picture of the world around you.
  • Unplug From The TV Matrix
    The TV creates an artificial reality, and drains people of their valuable time and energy...and money. It is only when a person unplugs from the 'TV Matrix’ that their real life begins.
  • Media Overkill- Hungry for Overkill
    A tongue-in-cheek look at the way media distorts what people think is important and the overkill they engage in. Witty but it makes the point!
  • News Blogs
    How to get your news from blogs instead of tv.
  • TV attention
    TV grabs your attention like no other medium. Why does it do this and is it healthy?
  • TV Zombie
    Anyone who's seen a kid watching TV has noticed that zombie look they get. What are the effects of this?
  • TV Addict
    Are you a TV addict? What are you really doing to yourself by being a slave to television?
  • TV Corrodes Community and Democracy
    What effect does watching TV for hours every day have on you as a citizen? You might be surprised.
  • Fake News and other reasons not to watch TV news
    TV news can be a source of half truth and bias. Where can you get your news if not from TV?


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