TV and the Family

A collection of articles on TV and the family. How does television viewing affect family life and family time?

  • The Rewards of Going TV Free
    The rewards and benefits for families in reducing time spent in fron of the television.
  • Life Before TV- The Good Old Days
    It's funny how the critics lament the passing of the "good old days". They wonder what happened to communities, neighborhoods, civic virtue, or family values. Pundits rant at the right and the left, blaming each or the other. Yet, the biggest change over the last two generations has been the advent of television.
  • TV's Effect On Your Family
    How does TV affect you and your family? Stop and observe. Look deeply into your kids zombie-like eyes as they watch TV. Compare that to the look in their eyes as they play outdoors. How do YOU look when watching TV? Take pictures if necessary.
  • Is TV Satan?
    I do not really think that we are all guilty of worshiping the god of the underworld. I am, however, quite turned off by the amount of affection and devotion we give to the unworthy television.
  • Tired of TV Trash?
    Too much of today’s television and radio is simply trashy.
  • Family Dinner
    How to take back the family dinner hour.
  • Television Family time suffers
    Family life suffers when television takes over family time. Here are some ways to tame the TV beast.

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