22 Things You Never Thought Of For Teens To Do Instead of TV

Encouraging your preteen or tweenager to watch less TV? Try giving him this list of ideas to get him off the couch. Anytime you hear the "B" word (bored), remind him how fun life can be when you live it yourself instead of watching it on television.

Play guitar. If you don't know how, it's time you learned!
Read a good book. Dust off that library card! Get your reluctant reader inspired with something by Lemony Snicket or Harry Potter.
Write a letter to a friend. Yes, the snail mail type.
Bored? Play a board game. Star Wars Monopoly anyone?
Practice juggling
Do 20 pushups
Help do laundry
Write a poem
Play Mad Libs
Find change under the couch cushions
Have an arm wrestle
Put vinegar in baking soda and stand back
Start a blog. Do it for free at http://www.wordpress.org
Get a parakeet and teach him vocabulary words
Learn how to make espresso, cappucino and regular coffee
Make a lego movie! This is where you run your Lego men through fantastic adventures and capture it all on videotape.
Make a permanent artificial sand castle with a paste made from sawdust and glue
Make a treasure hunt
Put a mushroom cap on some paper, wait a day, and find a ring of spores
Climb a tree and act like a nut
Make your own soda

And now, for the 22nd, most important thing to do instead of watch TV....

Have a burping contest

Have fun!

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101 Things To Do Instead of TV


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