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I'm helping with the raising of my grandson who is ten. He would rather watch TV than most anything. I hardly watch any.

A thought came to me ... as an incentive for him to read his mandated thirty minutes each day, I offered for minute for minute TV time with a cap at one hour (which really means he'd be reading ninety minutes).

It's worked great!

Glenda Gibbs


I posted this list on my blog quite a while ago, and it's gotten lots 
of attention: Bored Nothing To Do



I became a single parent when my children were 2, 3, and 4. My children are grown now (41, 42, & 43) and have careers and children of their own.

 When they were in middle school, we agreed to unplug the TV and retire it to the basement for six months as an experiment. This is what we discovered:

1. No one really missed it. We were too busy doing other things.

2. Today, none of us like watching television and neither do my grandchildren.

3. We took time to pursue creative outlets.

4. We bonded because we had time to communicate with each other instead of talking over the drone of a television set.

5. We are still a close bunch because of those formative years.

6. Education became a top priority and so did books.

7. I had a blast with my children because I had the time to spend with them doing fun things.

8. Instead of watching tv, they learned how to do laundry, cook, and take care of daily chores, so that when I got home from work, we could do enjoyable things together.

9. At least once a week we attended freebie concerts put on by students at the Eastman School of Music.

10. Everyone, including myself, got a college education plus! My oldest daughter is a medical doctor, my son is a speech and language therapist, my youngest daughter is a mother and hair stylist, and I have a master level degree in literacy. AND we all play a musical instrument.

My son has been written up in Downbeat magazine as one of the most accomplished jazz trumpeters in the world.

It all started by turning off the tv thirty years ago!

My Best,

Pamela Beers, M.S. Ed. Literacy

Walking is one of the best instead of TV's - The kids love to spend their energy walking and talking  with Mom and Dad. I'm sure this will also prove to be a time to talk as they grow up without making it some big feat...all the "talks" will be completely natural.

Thanks again,



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