The Rewards of Going TV Free



As a parent, the time you spend with your family is very valuable. However in today’s fast paced world there is not much time to sit at the dinner table, play board games, talk, read together, or connect with your kids; and as much as you may want to think it is, turning on the TV and sitting on the couch next to you child is not quality time. In most cases it desensitizes you to what is really going on and keeps a mind in idle mode.


Going TV free is a good way to capture valuable family time and reap many other rewards as well.


There are many health risks involved in watching too much television. Children who watch too much TV have a greater risk of becoming obese. For both infants and teens too much TV can cause sleep problems.  For the adult who watches too much TV, they are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is because there is not enough activity going on.


Your body is in a sedentary state and it reacts by getting sick and diseased. Getting out of the house for some fresh air and activity is the most beneficial thing you can do with your family and for your health. Even if you are in the house take some time and just move. Turn on some good music dance, and get silly with kids or spend sometime dancing cheek to cheek with the one you love.


Another reward to going TV free is that it expands creativity and imagination. With the TV on your mind become a wasteland of mush. Well, maybe not mush but pretty close. The one thing we tend to lose as adults is the ability to imagine; but with our children and no TV we can get that imagination back on track and find all sorts of ways to use simple things like paper towel rolls or used soda caps.


One of the most important rewards to a TV free zone is that you are able to really get to know your family without distractions. Have you ever tried to talk when the TV is on? It is hard not to look at the TV when it is on. If you are trying to hold a meaningful conversation, the television just gets in the way. The whole message you are trying to convey can be lost.


At one time in this world there were no TVs. Have you ever thought about what they did without the tube? Get out a history book and find out the habits of people before TV.  Another great reward: Reading together.


There are many reasons why the TV should not be used as a form of entertainment and in many cases, education. Studies show that viewing too much TV can have adverse affects, such as more violent and aggressive behavior, poor school performance, obesity, early sexual activity, and drug or alcohol use. These studies and others prove why the rewards for going TV free are priceless.



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