Television Articles

Here is a collection of articles about Television. They are arranged into categories. I hope you enjoy reading them and fortifying your decision to turn off the tube.

  • TV And Your Health
    Articles and studies on the effects of TV viewing on your health. How TV causes obesity.
  • TV and Your Time
    Articles about TV and your time. How TV takes away from more important and fulfilliing activities.
  • Kids and TV
    Articles about kids and tv.
  • TV and the Family
    Collection of articles on how TV affects the family.
  • TV as a Medium
    Is there anything inherently unhealthy or bad about TV as a medium? Here are some thought provoking articles on the subject.
  • How To Curb Your Television Viewing Habits
    Are your television viewing habits out of control? Here's how to curb the tv viewing habit with 3 easy steps.
  • Messages on TV
    What message do we send to our kids when we spend hours watching tv?
  • Stop Watching TV?
    Want to stop watching tv? This woman's story might motivate you to do just that!
  • Negative Effects Of Reality TV
    The so-called television reality shows such as "Big Brother" are catering to those in our society who prefer to "dumb-down" their intelligence. And just look at the size of the audience that programs like this command. This is actually very good news for those of us who detest trash like this. Find out why.
  • The Awful Truth About Television

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