Teaching Shapes to ChildrenShapes Puzzle

Everything has a shape - from buildings to furniture, shapes are also put together to create other shapes.  Once kids learn about their shapes, they will begin to see them everywhere.  Here are five ways in which you can begin teaching shapes to your children:

The first way to teach children about shapes is through visual learning through play, such as with a shape sorter toy.

As the child plays with each shape, call out the name of the shape.  They will repeat it.  As they play they will learn to recognize the shapes. 

Using posters is another way to teach shapes.  These posters can be purchased from a toy store or you can use a poster board and create your own.  If you use your own, create animals, houses, automobiles, and trees using different shapes.  This helps children begin to see the shapes within the main shape.  For example, a house is made up of a rectangular frame or a square frame with square windows.  Some windows are round like the doorknob.  There are many shapes to see.

The fourth method is to have a shape scavenger hunt.  This teaches children to identify shapes in their home.  Give a child a shape from your bag of shapes.  Ask them to find other shapes like that one around the house.  Count the number of shapes they are able to locate.  If they can see the shapes hidden in your home, they can identify them elsewhere.

Point out shapes everywhere you see them: the triangles that make a sandwich, the rectangle that is a book, the square pillow, the wheels of a car, etc. You’ll likely be surprised by your child when they learn their basic shapes.  For more help teaching shapes and other preschool concepts:

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