Teach Your Child To Count

Before your child starts school, or if you're homeschooling, you canDragon Counting Puzzle begin to teach your child numbers and how to count, without the aid of a puppet on television. Here are five great ways to get started:

1. The first way to teach counting to children is with fingers and toes. We have ten fingers and ten toes. What a perfect way to count the basic numbers! Start with the left hand thumb and count all the way over to the right hand thumb. Wiggle each of your child’s fingers as you call out a number. You can make up a number song involving these body parts to help them remember the numbers.

2. Use numbered cards for counting. You can buy flash cards or create your own using poster board and markers. Construct each number as it will appear anywhere else in your child’s surroundings. Leave the fancy stuff for when they reach school. Show the numbers in order so your child again becomes familiar with their order when counting.

3. Snacks can teach counting. As you hand your child their snack, count the pieces of cereal or fruit on a paper towel. Take your child’s hand and show them how to count back to you.

4. Now that your child is old enough to walk, use that to play a game of counting. Play a game of “Simon Says” using numbers. For example, “Simon says, jump three times.” Your child will have to jump up and down three times. Count with each jump. For more fun, you can jump with them. Make it a family game and have everyone participate in play as well.

5. With your help, teach your child about counting by writing their numbers. You will need lots of room so get several sheets of poster board and some crayons. To avoid messes on your floor, you can use the Crayola® markers that only write on special paper, called Color Wonder. Guide their hand and draw each number from one to ten. As they draw, say the name of the number.

After a couple of months of practice, they may be able to write the numbers when you ask. If not, keep working with them. This is not a race and kids shouldn’t feel pressured. Each of us learns at our own pace. The name of the game is teaching them a new skill and that they have fun while they learn.

Once they learn their numbers, why not take them out to a children’s museum or some other place where they can put their hands on play objects. Group the toys together. See if your child can count the number of items in each group. Help them to count if they need it.

Most kids first learn to count on their fingers, the calculator that goes with you wherever you go. More help to teach your child how to count and other fun activities: Colorsaurus Color Wheel


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