How to Keep Younger Children Stimulated

Boy Playing with BlocksIt is quite easy to distract a small child from being fussy, I am sure you have done it a thousand times. If a baby is squirming and getting restless someone will shake a to in front of their eyes and voila! Instant distraction! As a child gets older it does not always work so well.

Sure, you can wave a Happy Meal in front of them, but if you do this too often instead of having just a grumpy and bored child, you will have a grumpy and overweight one as well.

There are so many stimulating activities for young children today, from age appropriate books, to easy computer games that teach children colors, alphabet, numbers and more.

One of the very best things you can do for your small child is read to them. Studies have shown the immense impact it has on their little brains and how it triggers in them an ability, and more importantly, a desire to read and to learn.

Keeping their little brains stimulated is an excellent way to help them develop intellectually, but you must also keep them stimulated physically. This means not allowing them to become couch potatoes. The television has become the babysitter of choice for many parents who are either too tired or too busy to pay attention to their children. This, paired with the Happy Meal mentality is a leading cause of childhood obesity.

Stimulate your young ones' mind AND body.

If your little one is bored, do not tell them to see if their favorite cartoon is on TV - read to them! If they are acting cranky, it may be that they need some physical activity. Take them for a walk, a bike ride or some play time at the nearby park.

Small children love to play games and there are plenty of learning games on the market right now. These games are incredibly fun and your child will not understand that they are learning; all they see is a fun game and that their mommy or their daddy is spending time with them.

Beat boredom away from your small child by spending time with them and being a good example in reading and in physical activities.

How to Enrich the Lives of Your young

Small children enjoy a variety of things, from playgrounds to dancing to books and cartoons. It is always a good idea to introduce your little ones to the Arts early in life. If you are able to cultivate in them a love for theater, ballet, and fine music, it will carry through into their adult lives

I recommend looking to see if your area has childrens theater and if so, take your child there and watch the amazement on their faces as they see some of their favorite stories come to life.

Enrolling your child in a music or dance class will instill in them a love for movement, rhythm, and good posture. There are so many good and worthy activities for you to share with your young children that there is never a reason for them to say that they are bored.

Andrea Yager has contributed to 'Bored is a Four Letter Word'. This report and others for busy women on the topics of Anti-aging, Fitness, Time Management, and Parenting can be found at

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