Bored Kids

Are your kids bored out of their minds when the TV is turned off? I'll let you in on a little secret: It's ok for your kids to be bored! Boredom stimulates creativity. A lot of kids who don't ordinarily choose to do a lot of reading will pick up a book and read it just because the TV is off and they're bored. Boredom gives your child a gift: It helps him discover his personal interests, talents, and abilities. Here are some great ideas for things to do when boredom strikes.

Mawww-awm, I'm bored

Don't worry Mom. We've all heard the semi-whiney cry of "Maww-awm, I'm bored" at least once! Okay, maybe more than once. It's time to bust the cry and tackle it head on with our boredom busters list. Print the list and hang it on your fridge for a quick reference of children's activities. Ready? On to the boredom busters!

Boredom Busters for Bored Children

Exhibit or organize a collection
Look through Stamp Collection,
baseball cards
Computer Math Drill Practice
Make something with popscicle
sticks or toothpicks
Make up Trivia Game
Pencil Drawing or Purposeful Doodle-ing
Write a play; Read a Play;
Make a set for a play
Crafts (beads, clay, cross-stitch)
Cooking (Brownies, etc.)
Computer Map Game
Learn Braille, make some with a pin & paper
Play a Board Game
Chess, Yatzee, Scrabble, Boggle
Design your own stationary
Garden; Water plants
Make a Diorama
Create an imaginary trip? where go? what do?
Make a passport.
Design a map, travel tickets, a trip itinerary
Design an Invention
Service (do something nice for someone)
Make several different Paper Airplanes
Learn Morse Code or other codes
Create your own code
Work on a Model
Sew a potholder
Make books
Learn about a Coat of Arms Make one.
Play a Card Game
Read your Bible
Organize a coin collection in coin books
Organize a rummage sale
Make Goop
Sort & Identify Rocks
Press Flowers

Wah-lah! No more bored kids!

Sarah Eiden is a wife, busy mom of 3, and home candle business owner. As a Scent-sations Mia Bella Diamond Team Leader she is showing people across North America how to build their own successful soy veg candle business.

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