6 Ways to Make Reading To Your Child A Habit

Words can open up a world of knowledge and adventure for your children, and reading to them is so important in their development. Here are 6 ways to make reading to your child a habit.

• Set up a book shelf in your child’s room and place all of his or her books there.
• Read your child’s favorite book over and over.
• Go to the library and let your child pick out books.
• Read together with your child.
• Read to your child at bedtime every night.
• Choose a book with a particular character whose stories are serialized (for instance Amelia Bedelia, Harry Potter, or Magic Treehouse).

For some, perhaps the only time you read to your child is when Santa or the Easter Bunny makes their appearance every year. Reading to your child should be a daily and ongoing event. Perhaps you do read to your child frequently, and become caught up in one particular book that your child absolutely loves. Whether that is the case or not, this is the beginning of their interest in books and stories. Have you noticed the huge variety of children’s books available today? This is due to the fact that reading has become the focal point in our society, especially since many public school children are lacking in reading skills.
Have your child participate in the act of picking out books by taking them to your local library. Sign them up with their own library card. The myriad of books are overwhelming, and there are certainly enough from which your child can choose his particular genre. All the colorful books and titles are incentive enough for your child to take home a stack of books for you to read at bedtime. Has your child become fascinated with a particular magazine, either at a store or a medical office? If so, subscribe to the magazine in your child’s name. Think of how excited they will be when their magazine arrives!

Do you have bookshelves at home filled with books?  This is no longer the case today.  Children can have their own private mini library at home. Between garage sales, discount racks, and bargain books, you can find books to fit any budget. Undoubtedly, this will give them a sense of ownership as well.  While you are having family dinner, why not discuss the stories you have read to your child. This will keep the interest alive and your child will be full of anticipation; wanting to know more about the characters they have come to love.

These 6 ways to make reading to your child a habit are just the beginning of a long journey leading to enlightenment. The bond you form with your child by reading to them is immeasurable. The stories can take you and your child on new and exciting adventures every time you open a new book. Take the time to read to your child. It is that important!


Nicole Dean co-created http://www.kidsactivitycalendar.com to help her child and others prepare for Kindergarten in a fun way. To get your free sample lesson, stop by http://www.kidsactivitycalendar.com/letter-a-sample.htm today.

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